How to Clean Glue Out of Carpet

So you need to know how to clean glue out of carpet. First (lets just get this out of the way)— no, you probably shouldn’t have been doing craft projects on your carpeted floor. Working on a table is a safer idea (not to mention better for your back), but putting down newspaper or some other protective surface was another viable option. But I’m not here to judge! You slipped up this once (or maybe your roommate did, or your child) and you need to know how to clean glue out of carpet. Sticky, tacky adhesive is a much scarier thing to spill than soda or coffee. How will you ever get up all that stickiness? Will dust cling to that spot forever-after? Will it become a hardened puddle? Not if you clean it up the right way. So let’s get to it, because you don’t have any time to waste! Let’s learn how to clean glue out of carpet.

When you spill glue (whether it’s Elmer’s, liquid cement, or some other adhesive), you have to act fast. Many glues are quick-drying but it’s easier to clean up glue if it’s still wet, so you need to get to work straightaway.