Upholstery Cleaning

Not many people pay much attention to their upholstery which also requires periodic professional cleaning to avoid build up and health concerns. Upholstery also accumulates dust, dirt and absorbs dead skin cells over time. At Edmonton Carpet Cleaning, we have trained professionals who understand your furniture upholstery cleaning needs and provide you with suitable service at regular intervals if required. Be it your sofa, futon, couch, love seat, dining chairs, ottomans, recliners, office couches or office chairs, we can professionally clean them all for you at very reasonable prices. Our affordable upholstery cleaning services has made us a top choice for upholstery cleaning needs and carpet care in Edmonton. We can provide cleaning services for a range of fabrics such as cotton, linens, suede, cotton blends, microfiber, polyester and wool.

We use eco-friendly upholstery cleaners that help us remove the deepest soils without damaging the material. Our natural upholstery cleaning products can help, clean and deodorize any upholstery.

Why get professional upholstery cleaning done?

Regular cleaning cannot remove the deep dirt and duct buildup that is invisible to naked eye. Professional upholstery cleaning services are there to do the job thoroughly with their equipment which is specifically designed for such tasks. With experience in this kind of work, they know how to clean expertly leaving your upholstery refreshed like new. We also know how to remove stains professionally at low cost.

How do you remove stains?

There are specific stain removers that we use to attack the area affected. Our natural and eco-friendly stain removal products can help us get rid of stains from coffee, crayons, tea, nail polish, paint, juice and more. Call us now to discuss your carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and stain removal needs.